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  • Working with the Flash Player cache
  • The Flash Player cache is a new feature available in Flash Player 9 Update 3 (9,0,115,0). The cache allows files signed by Adobe to be cached by Flash Player. These files end in the file extension .swz.
    The Flash Player cache differs from the browser cache in some useful ways. Because the cached SWZ files are signed by Adobe, they can be reused in more than one domain and are not limited to reuse within the domain in which they originated. For example, imagine that framework.swz is loaded from http://www.a.com and is placed in the cache of Flash Player. If the same framework.swz file needs to be downloaded from http://www.b.com, Flash Player looks in its cache to find a.com’s framework.swz file. When it finds a match, it uses the cached file rather than loading a new file from b.com

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